What is the career scope of computer science?

Today literally every software company is looking for some decent software developers. Additionally, the demand for smart software engineers is bound to grow thanks to the kind of innovations happening out there to integrate software in every aspect of our lives so as to make things easier.

Traditional path to grow in Computer Science field is to graduate from a decent engineering college, build the command over at least one language from among Java, C++, Python, Javascript while you are in college, take a decent job in your field of interest, build your professional expertise of implementing any idea and then keep growing in that field. Money would be the byproduct of your expertise - so don't worry about that.

The path least taken is going for higher studies in computer science. Once you have got a MS or PhD degree your would be in high demand in the big firms like Google, Microsoft. Alternatively, you can focus on research by joining an engineering college as a Professor.

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