Every student can opt for Computer Science

Learning to program a computer is learning to think. With changing nature of job market, it is becoming more important to learn programming irrespective of field you want to be in. From automating boring repetitive function to play with data for insights, knowing how to code will give you an edge.

1. Learners have to think like designer

You need to be able to think like a designer and not just be a coding machine. How technology interacts with its users is at the core of modern technological development in CS.

Development of creative thinking takes time and practice. It requires question on why things are the way they are. Unfortunately, students who know only how to use technology but don’t understand how it’s developed and created will only be end users.

2. Learn about various CS job roles

CS is a vast filed. And these days its not just limited to Computer Science and Engineering department in collages. A successful application development requires knowledge of multiple specialised technologies. Knowing about these roles and function will help you in deciding what you want to become.

3. Learn to learn fast

Technology landscape is changing at an exponential rate. From languages used to program a computer to architectural design of a computer itself, every decade we are seeing tremendous leaps and bounces. Considering your working life will last 30-40 years, you will see multiple major shifts in technologies. You need to learn about these you want to stay relevant.

4. Practice, practice, practice

No explanation here.

Now question is what to do if you are in collage but not in CS. There are many online courses available online for you to chose from. I want to advocate one particular :

IIT Madras - Degree in Programming and Data Science.

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