How a class 10 student should approach to target computer science engineering in future?

We are going to tackle the kind of questions a class 10 student has to face when considering computer science (CS) as his/her career goal.


1) Career Opportunities for a CS B.Tech. : These are infinitely many choices after B.Tech. owing to various subfields of computer science. One can choose to work as Machine Learning expert, Data Scientist, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Blockchain Engineer, Network engineer etc. Salary depends on the expertise and years of experience. Currently a decent growth path in product based developer profile in India can fetch you an annual salary in the range of 30-50 Lakh after 3-7 years of experience.

2) Choice of Colleges to do B.Tech. in CS from : IIT, BITS, NIT and various private colleges offer CS B.Tech. degree. Choice of college should be made based on factors like college peer group quality, faculty quality, placement scenario, physical infrastructure, extracurricular activities etc. Always try to seek advice from a very informed person when making college selection as there is no going back once you have taken admission in a college. A better decision at this point of time will give you an added advantage of sharp learning curve, better internship/job prospects and a very successful alumni network to support you through out your career.


3) Focus should be on JEE Main or JEE Adv : Cracking JEE Adv to land into an IIT to do CS from is always a good idea if you have assessed your potential. But the catch is that many a time a student succumbs to the pressure/difficulty level of JEE Adv exam preparation which results in screwing up relatively very easy JEE Main exam as well. The smart way of tackling this should be focus solely on JEE Main the moment you get a feeling that clearing JEE Adv is doubtful - even if you manage to somehow clear JEE Adv, you are not going to get CS branch in IIT; so why not get a very good percentile in JEE Main and get CS branch in one of the NITs or in a good State/private college.


4) Will it be worth doing CS B.Tech. if not admitted in IIT/NIT : Peer group advantage is always there when doing a B.Tech. from IIT. But, in my opinion, doing a B.Tech. in CS weighs way more. The only thing you have to do is to stay self motivated and focused for the entire 4 years of B.Tech life, and get a guidance from an informed person regarding what all should be read/practised to attain expertise in CS. At the end of the day Computer Science industry has this beauty that it welcomes everyone with expertise irrespective of his/her background.

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