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A Few Hundreds spent on Professional Guidance can help you EARN many extra  LAKHS after B.Tech. and can SAVE you a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of COLLEGE FEES

You certainly need GRUU guidance if someone made you believe that
CS Guidance at GRUU is the BEST because

Professionals at GRUU have high expertise

  • Every professional is well experienced in computer science industry

  • All of them are well aware of latest trends in CS industry as well as of colleges providing CS degree  

  • As a result, students get an opportunity to learn from their experience

Our Professionals

Abhishek Kumar

  • IIT Bombay B.Tech. in Comp. Sci.

  • 6 yrs industry experience in Software Engg, Data Science, Statistics, Maths

  • Speaks English, Hindi


Myth 1

You must start coding early

Myth 2

Computer Science job is all about coding

A regular session would be of 40 mins duration
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